UHT milk 1,5% 250 ml with a straw

UHT milk 1.5% 250 ml Delicious taste of healthy milk, closed in a practical carton with a straw. Perfect in the daily diet – a source of easily digestible calcium, protein and vitamins. Thanks to the UHT process, it’s free from dangerous microorganisms. Perfect as a snack for children during the day and at school.

Nutritional value w 100 ml
  • Wartość energetyczna168 kJ/40kcal
  • Tłuszcz1,0 g
  • w tym kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone0,8
  • Węglowodany4,7 g
  • w tym cukry4,7 g
  • Białko3,0 g
  • Sól0,10 g