UHT cream lowicka 30% 500 ml in aluminium-free cardboard

Łowicka UHT 30% cream – a delicious, creamy cream created especially for creams, cakes and other homemade pastries. Whipped will create a fluffy, durable base that will retain its shape on any cake. Made from the best milk, preserving taste and aromat.

A complete novelty is the packaging  – an aluminum-free cardboard, thanks to which the consumption of fossil raw materials was reduced, thus increasing the share of renewable raw materials in the packaging. It is the only and the first solution for aseptic products in Poland. An innovative solution that aims to reduce CO2 emissions. The packaging is, of course, 100% recyclable.

Capacity: 1L


Nutritional value w 100 ml
  • Wartość energetyczna1200kJ/291 kcal
  • Tłuszcz30 g
  • w tym kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone18 g
  • Węglowodany3.1 g
  • w tym cukry3.1 g
  • Białko2.2 g
  • Sól0.08 g