Kefir caucasian 1L in bio-based carton

 Kefir Caucasian is a source of natural GOS fiber (galactooligosaccharide) – made from lactose found in milk during the production process. GOS fiber plays the role of a probiotic, which means that it plays a helpful role in the functioning of probiotic bacteria in the intestines. In addition, we have reduced sugar content to 2.7%, which is twice as low compared to other kefirs on the market. We also reduced lactose <1.0%. Our Kefir is a wealth of 11 beneficial bacterial cultures.

Kefir with fiber made in this way is NEW in the dairy products market.

We closed this innovative product in a cardboard packaging 100% based on renewable raw materials. The CarbonNeutral® certified packaging, which means that the CO2 emissions associated with this packaging have been reduced to zero! In addition, it has an intelligent folding perforation (harmonica), so it takes up less space in the waste container.
Weight: 1L

Nutritional value w 100 g
  • Wartość energetyczna201 kJ/48 kcal
  • Tłuszcz2,0 g
  • w tym kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone1.2 g
  • Węglowodany3.3 g
  • w tym cukry2.7 g
  • Białko3.4 g
  • Sól0.10 g