Mascarpone chocolate cream cheese 250g

Chocolate mascarpone allows you to realize bold and modern culinary ideas. It can be used for cakes, desserts, waffles, refrigerators, as well as for sandwiches. We encourage you to prepare chocolate tiramisu or sponge cake with our ready-made cheese. We give you Mascarpone, which you can literally eat with a spoon. Let us mention that the base of the product is the classic OSM Łowicz cream and cream Mascarpone, which received the gold medal Best Product 2021 – Consumers’ Choice. We believe that the Mascarpone taste will also appeal to you and will stay on store shelves and in your kitchens for good.

Nutritional value w 100 g
  • Wartość energetyczna1514 kJ/367 kcal
  • Tłuszcz35 g
  • w tym kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone19 g
  • Węglowodany9,8 g
  • w tym cukry9,8 g
  • Białko3,1 g
  • Sól0,10 g