Cheese Board - Cheese with pepper - block approx. 2,5 kg

Cheeses with spices from the “Cheese Board” series are unripened cheeses made from cow’s milk, with a flexible, soft consistency. The taste of the cheese is mild, buttery, and the added spices add character. They are perfect for cheese boards and as an addition to salads. Perfect for baking and grilling.

New proposals will make meeting with friends take on a new dimension of flavor.

Cheeses from the “Cheese Board” line are produced using a traditional method based on a recipe from many years ago. Cheesemakers with extensive experience put a lot of passion and heart into production. The highest quality raw material is carefully selected from local growers. Milk must be healthy, sufficiently fatty and do not contain harmful substances, e.g. antibiotics. The production process takes place under the careful supervision of the Cheesemaker, who carefully carries out each stage. Some cheeses need shorter and others longer aging. Each block of cheese is often carefully inspected and moved so that it matures in the best way possible. By treating cheese with proper care, we guarantee that its taste will be delicious.

Nutritional value w 100 g
  • Wartość energetyczna1433 kJ / 345 kcal
  • Tłuszcz26 g
  • w tym kwasy tłuszczowe nasycone18 g
  • Węglowodany1,7 g
  • w tym cukry1,1 g
  • Białko26 g
  • Sól1,5 g