About company

The District Dairy Cooperative in Łowicz is located in the heart of Poland, in green Mazovia. For many years, it has been at the forefront of Polish dairies and continues the best traditions of dairy cooperatives in the Łowicz region.

The District Dairy Cooperative in Łowicz has been known for generations from the production of dairy products. Polish producer, using Polish milk, GMO-free The characteristic woman of Lowicz, visible in the brand’s logotype, recognized by everyone, is visible on store shelves all over Poland and over 50 countries around the world. The creation of the Łowicz brand contributed to achieving a place at the forefront of Polish dairies.

Every year, the cooperative processes over 390 million liters of milk from 3,400 family farms. He constantly invests in modern production lines and technologies. The official confirmation of the Quality Management System level is the IFS (International Food Standard) certificate by the TÜV NORD certification body. The HACCP system in the factories of the District Dairy Cooperative in Łowicz is under the supervision of County Veterinary Doctors.

OSM in Łowicz consists of three dynamically operating production plants located in different parts of Poland. The company’s offer includes UHT milk and cream, cheese ripening both in the form of traditional blocks and portions, slices or shreds of various weights, cottage cheese, cottage cheese, fermented products (kefirs, buttermilk, yoghurt) and milk powders. The cooperative’s portfolio includes a wide range of lactose-free products as well as products suitable for vegans and vegetarians under the Bez Deka Mleka brand. The wide range of products allows the sale of products for export, to large retail chains, dairy wholesalers and the HORECA segment.

The company’s staff consists of highly qualified specialists, often associated with the dairy industry for generations. The experience of the management staff and continuous training of employees guarantee the company’s stability and dynamic development. Each stage of production takes place under the watchful eye of the Technology Department, Quality Control Department and employees involved in the production processes. The confirmation of the high quality and experience is a number of awards and decorations awarded to the Dairy.

At the beginning of 2020, the company decided to refresh the graphic design of packaging in all product categories. A large undertaking that has undeniably been completed with great success. The visibility of the brand’s logo on the navy blue color that stands out in the industry has made it stand out on store shelves. The visual change was also followed by the marketing and image strategy consistently implementing the claim “Łowicz connects positively”.

150 products in the portfolio, a wide distribution network, own wholesalers and retail stores, constant deliveries of products for the Horeca segment, export to over 50 countries around the world. Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Dleczarska in Łowicz is a company with a strong market position and a reliable business partner.