for 8 people
120 minutes

Cheesecake is a sweet, delicious dessert, which can be done in many ways and with the use of many  ingredients, in order to satisfy the taste buds of the most sophisticated gourmets. The recipe comes from the Pickles blog, but it recommends the use of our products.


150g biscuits
40g butter, melted


800g three times grinded cottage cheese (Łowicki cottage cheese for cheesecake)
200g 36% cream or greek yogurt OSM Łowicz
4 eggs – separate egg white from egg yolk 
100g sugar
40g raspberry or creamy pudding
3-4 tablespoons raspberry, low-sugar jam
100g white chocolate


100g white chocolate
1 tablespoon Łowickie butter
100g 36% OSM Łowicz cream
4 tablespoons coconut shreds, roasted on a dry frying pan