The history of District Cooperative Dairy Plant in Łowicz

The history of the Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska w Łowiczu (the District Dairy Cooperative in Łowicz) dates back to 1906. One of the pioneers and initiators of the cooperative movement in the Łowicz district was Władysław Grabski – Polish prime minister and creator of the monetary reform. He had initiated creation of the Farmer Company in Bocheń that in 1906 organised one of the first dairy cooperatives in the Congress Poland.


Most important dates in the history of OSM Łowicz:

  • First dairy cooperative in the Łowicz district is opened in Bocheń
1922 – 1926
  • Significant growth of the cooperative movement; 14 new dairy cooperatives are created
  • The “Steam Dairy Cooperative” is created; a decision is made to build a modern dairy facility
  • The Steam Cooperative is dissolved and forms the base for creation of the new “Promień” District Dairy Cooperative
1939 – 1945
  • World War II brings difficult times – the Cooperative operates under supervision if the Nazi occupant
  • May; the milk facility is blown up, followed by execution of 10 young Polish members of the People’s Guard
1945 – 1950
  • Production recommences; increase in the volume of milk bought; increase in the number of members and the value of shares
  • Nationalisation of the Cooperative, which from now on operates based on obligatory milk quotas
  • Reactivation of the Cooperative; the Cooperative Statute is enacted; the company joins the Dairy Cooperative Union in Warsaw
  • New cheese-making facility is built. It’s capable of converting 120 000 litres of milk per day
  • First UHT milk carton-packing line is opened
  • One-serving products production line is opened
  • 2 litre packaging UHT products production line is opened; first products under the “łowickie” brand hit the market
  • A modern sewage treatment facility is opened
  • The farms are equipped with auto tanks for picking up milk
  • The HACCP system at the UHT unit is put under the veterinary supervision
  • High-storage facility is built
  • Modern laboratory is opened. It is equipped with instruments for inspecting the quality and composition of milk
  • Modern cheese-making unit is opened
  • The HACCP systems at the remaining production units are put under veterinary supervision
  • 1 January 2005 – the Toruń Dairy Facility joins the OSM Łowicz
  • Purchase of assets from the liquidated District Dairy Cooperative in Lublin;
  • The company celebrates its 100th anniversary
  • The gas boiler-house is officially opened
  • 1 January 2007 – the Konin District Dairy Cooperative forms a consortium with the OSM Łowicz. It’s now part of its structure
  • Opening of one of the most modern whey powdering facilities in Europe
  • New cottage cheese production line is opened; modernisation and opening of the high-storage facility in the Toruń branch
  • New cottage cheese and Tetra Pak UHT milk production lines are opened in the Toruń facility
  • New PET bottling line is opened
  • 1 December 2008 – the Zorina Kutno Dairy Cooperative joins the OSM Łowicz. The product-market-service cooperation with the Zorina Sp. z o.o. is launched, based on the ownership structure.
  • New high-volume Tetra Pak UHT production line is opened in Łowicz
  • Opening of the modern, automated high-storage facility
  • Automatic palette-packing units are opened in the Toruń facility
  • Elopak production line for fermented products and extended-shelf life milk in cartons is opened in Toruń
  • New UHT products storage facility is built
  • Modernisation of the butter-making unit in Łowicz
  • 1 September 2010 – launch of the permanent market-service cooperation with the Ekołowiczanka SP. z o.o. Milk Producers’ Group
  • The Sochaczew Wholeasale unit is moved to new buildings at Gwardyjska Street
  • An agreement on long-term partnership is signed with the Mleczgal Częstochowa Dairy Cooperative
  • 1 January 2012 – the Josger Sosnowiec Dairy Cooperative joins OSM Łowicz’s structures by means of a consortium agreement
  • The “Mleczko Łowickie” no. 2 factory shop on the Starzyńskiego residential district is refurbished
  • Modernised wholesale unit is opened in the Toruń facility
  • Expansion of the ready-products’ storage facility in Łowicz
  • Expansion of the cheese-packing unit in Łowicz
  • Dairy cup packaging line is opened in the Toruń facility
  • Implementation of the SAP integrated IT system
  • 1 January 2013 – the Kalisz Dairy Production Plant joins OSM Łowicz’s structures by means of a consortium agreement
  • The “Mleczko Łowickie” no. 1 factory shop at Zduńska Street is refurbished and transformed into a self-service shop; new “Mini Kawiarenka” (Mini Coffee Shop) is opened
  • Cheese production line is opened in the Kalisz facility
  • WMS system is launched in the Kalisz package storage unit
  • Company shop is opened in Kalisz
  • New PET bottling plant is opened in Łowicz
  • New dairy cup-packaging line is opened in the Kutno facility
  • New palette-packing and palette- transportation system is opened in the Kutno facility
  • New PET bottling plant is opened in the Kutno facility
  • Refrigeration tunnel is opened in the Kutno facility
  • 1 January 2015 – launch of cooperation with the Kalisz Cooperative Milk Producer’s group
  • Modern refrigerated ready-product storage facility is opened in the Sosnowiec facility