1. The administrator of personal data is OSM in Łowicz, ul. Przemysłowa 3, 99-400 Łowicz.
2. Data are provided in the form voluntarily, but necessary to obtain responses.
3. Any time I can withdraw my consent but that will not affect the compliance with law as for the use of my data before my consent is reversed.
4. When using the contact form the information identifying the ending of telecommunication network or ICT system that from that connection was made (including time specification, IP address) can be recorded
5. My data will be stored for the time of the duration of correspondence, and then not longer than for the period, after that the claims resulting from the correspondence is carried out expire and for the period within that appropriate law regulations require to store them.
6. The collected personal data can be revealed to the following recipients:
- the parties operating ICT systems or making available ICT tools,
- the parties rendering advisory services, legal advice, or to other parties, if giving a response requires that.
7. I am entitled to have an access to personal data or correct them, remove, limit their processing, file an objection or transfer them. I can use those rights by submitting an application in the headquarters of Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska in Łowicz, or presenting a contact form that can be found in the web site: http://mleczarnia.lowicz.pl. The scope of each of those rights and the situations when the rights can be exercised result from the appropriator law regulations.
8, I have the right to file a complaint to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office if I believe that the processing of my personal data infringes law regulations. *