During this year’s 7th National Assessment of Milk Concentrates and Milk Products of Extended Shelf Life, which took place in the days of 28-31 May 2012, three products of the Regional Dairy Cooperative in Łowicz were given Prof. Józef Janicki medals for winning the 1st place in the categories of: ESL milk, UHT creams, powdered milk protein and whey protein concentrates.
The medal products are:

  • 2,0% fat Łowickie milk
  • 10% fat UHT coffee cream
  • WPC 35


Medals for the Łowicz Regional Dairy Cooperative in the Forum Mleczarskie Handel [Trade Milk Forum] rating

Results of the Lider Forum 2012 [Forum Leader 2012] competition

1st place:

  • in the UHT Milk category - 3,2% Łowickie milk, 1 L
  • in the Pasteurised Milk category - 2% Łowickie pasteurised milk 1 L
  • in the Milk Desserts category - RYZIO milk-based rice dessert with roasted apples and raisins
  • in the White Cottage Cheeses category – Łowicki skimmed cottage cheese kinek 250 g
  • in the Butter category – Łowickie extra butter, 200 g

2nd place:

  • in the Buttermilk category – Natural buttermilk 1 L
  • in the Cream category – Łowicka cream UHT 12% 500 g
  • in the Yellow sliced cheeses category – Edam sliced cheese 150 g

3rd place:


  • in the Grained cheeses category – Cottage cheese light 500 g

During this year’s POLAFRA FOOD 2012 International Food Processing Industry Fairs our stand was distinguished with a MPT gold medal as a stand which best supports conducting company’s marketing strategy at the Fairs.