As many as five products of the Regional Dairy Cooperative in Łowicz were awarded prof. Tadeusz Obrusiewicz medals for winning the 1st place on this year’s 15th National Assessment of Butter and High-Fat Products, which took place in the days of 18-22 May in Lublin.


The medal products are:

  • Łowickie extra butter - 200 g packet,
  • Łowicz UHT 10% coffee cream - 200 g packet,
  • Łowicka UHT 36% double cream - 1000 g carton,
  • Łowicki natural mellow cream cheese - 125 g cup,
  • Creamy cottage cheese - 250 g packet.

Furthermore, Łowickie extra butter - 200 g packet was awarded the "Chluba Mleczarzy 2011" [Dairymen’s Pride 2011] emblem.

The emblem is awarded for two years on the basis of positive results of tests and assessment of the butter bought on the market, without the producer’s knowledge.

The prizes are a confirmation of the high quality of the products of the Regional Dairy Cooperative in Łowicz.

During this year’s POLAFRA FOOD 2011 International Food Processing Industry Fairs our stand was distinguished with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for the best promotion.

Medals for the Łowicz Regional Dairy Cooperative in the Forum Mleczarskie Handel [Trade Dairy Forum] rating.


1st place:

  • in the UHT milk category -  UHT 1,5% Łowickie milk – 1L carton
  • in the White cottage cheeses category - Łowicki skimmed cottage cheese klinek 250 g

2nd place:

  • in the Pasteurised milk/ESLcategory- Łowickie 2% milk – PET 1L bottle
  • in the Buttermilk category – Łowicz buttermilk roasted apples –1L carton
  • in the Butter category – Łowickie extra butter – 200g packet

3rd place:


  • in the Cream category – Łowicz coffee cream UHT 10% – 200g carton
  • in the Cheese Spread category – Łowicki mellow cream cheese with herbs – 125 g cup
  • in the Yellow Sliced Cheeses category – Łowicz  salami cheese – 150 g slices